Our company is structured in three large groups:
Investments - Healthcare - Business-2-Business.

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Three large groups to help your business

  • Investments
  • Healthcare
  • Business-2-Business (b2b)
In each of these groups we have an outstanding team to proceed with the requests of our customers with maximum efficiency and dedication, without leaving any details aside.

We know the responsibility that it is to mediate a business with a single purpose: the full execution of it and the final satisfaction of our customers, so within our company we only have one motto – “Service before profits”.

If you feel that our services can be useful for the execution of a certain project within our areas of operation, do not hesitate to contact us.
Because we love what we do

We are 100% focused

in our clients goals and welfare
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    Works relentlessly to help investors pursue their financial goals.

  • ROYAL CARE100%

    Operates worldwide in the area of sourcing and supplying personal protective equipment (PPE) and certified and validated medical devices.

  • ROYAL B2B100%

    Identifies a valuable way to solve other businesses’ companies problems or requests.

Curious about our physical address?

Here it is

Rua Amelia Rey Colaço, nr. 188
4760-174, Vila Nova de Famalicão

And about our contacts?

Here they are

General Email:

Phone: +351 252 323 374